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Is Your Doctor’s Medical License Current & Clear?

Does Your Doctor Have Serious Patient Care Sanctions In The Last 5-Years?

Currently, Texas has over 67,369 physicians holding a state medical license.  In 2012, the Texas State Medical Board received 7,550 patient complaints. A total of 325 disciplinary decisions were granted with a total of 1,120 medical board decisions. 849 physicians were on probation and 5,167 drug screens conducted.  A Top10MD is clear of serious patient care board actions over five years.

On another note, all doctors that practice medicine should be licensed in the state of which they are practicing. Requirements and procedures for obtaining state medical licenses vary from state to state. Unless the state recognizes another state’s medical license via reciprocity agreement, it is illegal for a doctor to practice medicine without a state medical board license. State medical licenses cannot be transferred from one physician to another. Doctors are required to re-register their state medical license annually.

Today, more than ever it’s imperative to check your doctor’s credentials. Top10MD’s independent third-party credentialist perform’s this for you- annually!

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