Medical Experience


When Medical Experience Counts!

There is a direct correlation between years of medical experience, some procedures performed and increased positive patient outcomes.

That goes to say in just about everything. Studies have shown, over the years, that the most highly experienced doctors spend less money treating patients than those with fewer years of experience.

Have you asked your doctor how many years of medical experience they have?

Probably never. Maybe it’s the white jackets that give us a false sense of security. We just assume they know what they are doing. In most cases, they do. However, it is proven that the longer a doctor performs a particular procedure, the better they become at that procedure. When it comes to any medical procedure, don’t take your chance to an inexperienced doctor.

With Top10MD, we are dedicated to finding doctors with the experience to meet your needs. We search for physicians who have received extensive training in the areas of their medical specialty and are noted to be highly skilled and talented. Many of our physicians have been voted as a Top Doctor in their city’s local magazines and/or US News and World Report.

Today, more than ever it’s imperative to check your doctor’s credentials. Top10MD’s independent third-party credentialist perform’s this for you- yearly!

Independent Third-Party Credentialing – Performed Annually

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