Finding the Best Doctor

Finding the Best Doctor

America’s FIRST & ONLY Standards-Based Patient to Doctor Advocacy Service

Top10MD understands consumers are confused when finding the best doctor for their families needs. As a patient, you should look for experience, transparency, and trust when selecting a new doctor. Top10MD provides you with the knowledge to make not just a choice but an informed decision. Top10MD has set standards and criteria that all doctors must meet to be a Top10MD. We then connect you with ten of the best doctors and medical specialists in over 30 specialties in your city. Doctor’s credentials are validated yearly via an independent third-party credentialist for you!

Top10MD is a step beyond physician rating and review sites by setting standards and truly vetting our doctors. Top10MD takes the guesswork out of choosing the right doctor for you and your family. Our core criteria include; board certifications, experience, licensing, criminal background check, state patient care sanctions, excess malpractice claims and more.

Top10MD is America’s number one resource for patients to find a trusted doctor that believes in standards in medicine. Specialties include cardiologists, surgeons, dermatologists, psychiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, urologists, plastic surgeons, dentists and much more.

Why Top10MD?

Two Words – Transparency & Trust

Our Top10MD Logoteam is dedicated to the highest levels of integrity where patients’ needs come first.  Our search begins by pre-qualifying medical specialists in your city. Once the doctor is selected, his or her credentials are validated via an independent third-party credentialist confirming credibility for you. We are pleased to connect you with a physician’s wealth of knowledge, experience, and good name. Our culture is one of respect and compassion with a vision for better health and a commitment to patients where their needs come first. Our team has over 35-years of healthcare experience in both clinical and professional settings.

What Makes Us Different?

the best doctorsA step beyond physician rating review sites Top10MD developed a core set of standards and only represent doctors who meet those standards. Top10MD takes the guesswork out of choosing the best doctor for you and your family giving you peace of mind. We validate doctors credentials annually, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to improve and promote the protection of public health, and the overall patient experience.


validating doctors credentialsOur quest for finding the best doctors for you is to ensure our doctors meet the Top10MD core set of standards; this includes board certification, 5+ years experience, good standing with State Medical Boards, no serious “patient care” sanctions, or participating in a state-mandated drug rehabilitation program, current  DEA and DPS licenses with no sanctions, current malpractice insurance, and maintain Patient Satisfaction Scores of 8.5 or higher.

Physicians of Distinction

physicians of distinctionNot all doctors are created equal, and we recognize that many doctors could qualify as a top10MD, but few are extraordinary. In Dallas Fort Worth alone out of over 15,000 physicians to choose from less than 4000 qualify. A Top10MD strives every day to achieve the highest quality and best outcomes for the patients they serve. Top10MD affirms our medical specialists’ commitment to excellence in their field of medicine and patient care.




Jana Barrington

Founder, CEO

Jana Barrington, CEO is an accomplished healthcare marketing and operations executive with 25+ years of experience. Ms. Barrington is recognized for her strategic planning and innovative marketing but also has extensive hands-on experience in directly managing infusion centers, surgery centers and medical practices including credentialing, accrediting, quality patient management, facilities issues, and patient advocacy. Enhancing medical practices through marketing and sharing her knowledge with patients is Ms. Barrington’s passion. She combines her years of direct clinical patient care experience along with listening to patients, to bring an innovative approach to enhancing both the patient care experience and physicians medical practices for those that qualify. She has marketed to doctors and patients at local, regional and national levels. Recognized by Medical Economics and Medical Office Manager magazines as a ‘Pioneer’ in the development of credentialing and contracting software she authored ‘The Managed Care Organizer.’ Ms. Barrington holds a BA degree in Management with a strong emphasis in Marketing and Computer Engineering.


Russ Lambert

Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Russ Lambert, Executive Vice President, General Counsel is an experienced business focused attorney, accountant, and former CEO with a diverse background in Fortune 500 companies, private-equity investment transactions, and complex analysis and restructuring in healthcare, IT, telecom and services sectors. Lambert’s credentials include a Doctorate in Jurisprudence and a dual BS in Finance and Accounting. His credentials also include passing the CPA – Certified Public Accounting Examination and Texas Bar Exam, along with being a Member of the Texas Bar Association. Lambert’s corporate experience includes twelve plus years with Westinghouse as a Chief Restructuring Officer, leading and advising middle market domestic and international telecommunications, technology, healthcare, and distribution companies. With his cumulative legal and real-world executive experiences, Lambert is uniquely qualified as general counsel to all types of businesses, and as the lead in complex contract negotiations, disputes, mediations, and consulting roles with boards of directors and senior management. Lambert is a published author and holds a position on the boards of two non-profit Christian ministries.


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