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Do you suffer from pain or numbness in your arms and legs? It could be a sign of poor circulation due to vascular disease. If you suffer from a vein disease or disorder, your veins can become blocked which restricts blood flow to your limbs. The result is pain and numbness in your legs and arms. According to the Vascular Disease Foundation over 2.5 million Americans have blood clots that form in their leg veins. This is where a Top10MD Vascular Surgeon might come in handy.

Vascular Surgeons can perform diagnostic tests to pinpoint the root of the problem, manage, and treat disorders of the vascular system, which consists of your body’s arteries and veins.

Vascular Procedures

Common Symptoms of Vein Disorders

Often time’s vascular surgery involves unclogging blocked veins and arteries, which have become weakened or damaged due to plaque, build up. Due to the complexity of vascular procedures, it requires great skill, which is why, choosing a top-notch Vascular Surgeon is so important.

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