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Do you battle depression, anxiety, or stress? Do you have thoughts of suicide? Do you experience bouts of euphoria coupled with deep depression? Do you feel isolated?

Mental illness is no joke.It’s not easy to admit you have a mental health problem. It can impact your whole life from your relationships with loved ones to your ability to hold a job.

Psychiatry focuses on the study, treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of mental illness issues. The word “psychiatry” derives from the Greek phrase “healer of the spirit.” According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, approximately 61.5 million Americans experience mental health issues every year.

There are many factors that contribute to symptoms of depression and anxiety from biological factors such as low levels of serotonin and genetic vulnerability to environmental factors like breakups, injuries, family illness or job loss.

For most people dealing with these things are just part of life, but on the shoulders of someone with mental health issues, it can be a recipe for disaster.

5 Common Signs of Mental Illness

Psychiatry Treatment Options:

If your emotions are getting the best of you and you can’t seem to shake them, you may be suffering from a mental health issue and not even know it. An experienced Psychiatrist can help diagnose, manage, and treat your mental health issues to help you feel healthy again. Find Top10MD Psychiatrists in Dallas today. You don’t have to go it alone.

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Top10MD verifies physicians named “Top10MD” credentials yearly. We ensure our doctors are Board Certified with current state medical license(s), DEA/DPS registration, malpractice coverage, patient satisfaction scoring and have 5+ year experience in their chosen field of medicine.

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