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When we age, our body goes through changes. Some of these change we can see, like gray hair, wrinkles, and others we can’t, like hormonal changes such as low testosterone or estrogen levels. As we get older, our hormone levels begin to decline to create hormone imbalances.

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

If you are, a Functional Medicine Specialist is a correct fit for you. They help you address these concerns by tailoring an individual treatment plan to respond to hormone imbalances brought on by adrenal fatigue or aging caused by stress. Functional Medicine is another term used to address prevention and treatment of specific diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

Do you have medical concerns?

Remember, we are all unique. Treatment is based on your own physical and labs your specialist will utilize a combination of different hormones to help you maintain your strength, vitality, and sex life.

The Functional Medicine specialist will work with you to develop a strategy that is right for yo. They will provide you with a multi-faceted plan to improve your whole body and problems you might face. Additional procedures may include mental health, nutritional advice, stress management, exercise routines, and weight loss programs all to help you live a healthy life.

If you live in Dallas and experiencing any of these symptoms, an experienced Dallas Functional Medicine Specialists can help you. There are answers to managing your symptoms including hormone replacement therapy and weight management and much more.

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*Functional Medicine is an evolving specialty, currently there is no Board Certifications for this specialty. Doctors from many different specialties practice Functional Medicine, Integrated Medicine, Age Management and traditional Naturopaths.

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