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Metabolism Testing md top10mdFood is so much more than the yummy things you eat; it is the fuel that keeps your body working. Every single process that happens in your body requires energy: digestion, breathing, reproduction, circulation, blinking, etc. If you eat too many, calories, your metabolism can’t convert all of it into usable energy and it gets stored as fat on your body. We all know that to lose weight you need to curb your diet by avoiding foods high in fat, counting or cutting back on your calories, and exercising regularly so that some calories you burn are more than some calories you eat.

If you are struggling to lose weight or having trouble figuring out the specific amount of calories you should consume each day you have three options.You can experiment with wide ranges of calories consumed each day and see how your body reacts over time. Eventually, you will find a balance of diet and exercise that is right for you. You can go with the recommended number for your specific BMI (Body Mass Index is the ratio of your height compared to your weight; it is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters) range. Your calorie count will vary depending on whether you are classified as underweight, average, overweight, obese, or morbidly obese. Lastly, Your doctor may offer a metabolism test that measures your metabolic rate.


Your metabolism is the chemical process that maintains life in your body. It is the process through which your body gets energy from food. It sounds simple, but it can affect your mood, fertility, and ability to lose weight. Your metabolic rate is the amount of energy your body uses daily when you are at rest; it does not include the energy your body uses for walking, talking, going to work, etc.

There are numerous factors that can influence how fast your metabolism works (your metabolic rate). As you age, your metabolism decreases. t is a common myth that the more fat you are, the slower your metabolism is. In actuality, the more mass you have, the more energy your body is using to maintain it. As a result, heavier people have a slightly higher metabolic rate than thin people. Muscle burns more calories than fat so that athletes will have a higher metabolism than most. Women are biologically predisposed to store more fat on their bodies, and have a lower metabolism than men.

Metabolism TestMetabolism Testing md top10md

Before you get your metabolic test, your doctor may have you undergo tests that measure your hormone levels. A “stress and resilience” spit test will measure your levels of DHEA and cortisol. DHEA is the hormone that dictates your body’s resiliency against stressors. Cortisol is your body’s “stress hormone.”  The first part of this test will involve running on a treadmill as computer monitors will measure your carbon dioxide output. This test measures your heart rate and your resting metabolic rate (RMR) by answering a few questions.

The next part of this test involves relaxation. You will lie with a special mask over your face while a computer analyzes your breathing and heart rate. This will determine your particular resting metabolic rate: the minimum amount of calories your body needs to survive. Usually, the doctor will also take a sample of your blood. Your metabolism testing combined with a comprehensive blood profile can give you and your physician an accurate description of your particular strengths and weaknesses. This information will help you realize what you can do to get healthy and lose the weight.

However, you need to remember that the number of calories you ingest doesn’t matter as much as the quality of those calories. Although the theory of “calories in, calories out” may be mathematically accurate, if you want to lose weight and become healthy, the nutrients in your calories need to be well-balanced and low in fat. However, diet is not enough. Other stressors in your life can affect the amount of weight you lose, your physical performance, and you overall health. Your workouts (be careful not to overtrain), your environment, mental health, emotional state, work, genetics, the amount of sleep you get and any possible nutritional deficiencies you may have are all factors that may contribute to your success in losing weight.


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