Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy ReversalAlthough a standard vasectomy procedure is touted as a permanent form of birth control, the procedure is actually reversible. A vasectomy reversal simply reconnects the tubes (called vas deferens) that were cut in the vasectomy.

About the Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

This surgery is an outpatient procedure that usually takes 2-4 hours and uses spinal or general anesthesia to keep the patient under during surgery. The greatest measure of a vasectomy reversal success depends on how much time was in between the vasectomy procedure and the reversal procedure.   If too much time has passed, it is possible that the male candidate has developed antibodies to their own sperm. If this is the case, then the surgery becomes a little bit more complicated and time intensive, but it is still correctable.

After Your Procedure

While the surgery itself only take a few hours, there are a few hours after it to recover from the anesthesia., but then you can go home. Normal activities, as well as sex, may usually be resumed 3 weeks after surgery. Initially, pain may be mild to moderate, and pain medication that has been administered may be used.

The success of a vasectomy reversal depends on the length of time between the original surgery and the reversal. The success of the reversal is far better if it has been less than 10 years between surgeries. Minor but unlikely risks that may come with the surgery are infection around the surgical site, injury to the arteries or nerve in the scrotum, and fluid buildup in the scrotum.


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