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You May Be Suffering from Testosterone Deficiency

Low testosterone levels could be the cause of many issues you are facing today.  Testosterone is a hormone that dictates male sexual characteristics and is produced by the testicles.  Testosterone helps build and maintain muscle bulk, helps bone growth, promotes a sense of well-being and sexual function, and helps maintain red blood cell levels.

Testosterone levels as most hormone levels begin to decline as we age. But you don’t have to be 40 or 50 to start experiencing Low T. There are many men in their 20’s that suffer from low testosterone. Whatever is causing you to experience Low T, know there are solutions to get back to feeling like your old self.

What are the Symptoms of Low T?

What Causes Low Testosterone?

How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?

The most accurate measure of this is for a doctor to measure levels of testosterone in your blood.   It is most accurate to test testosterone levels in the morning when they are the highest since they can fluctuate throughout the day.

How Do You Treat Low Testosterone

Before undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, you should undergo a thorough examination from your doctor to see what is right for you; this will usually include a prostate exam and a rectal exam.


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