Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is when the bladder leaks urine when performing physical activities. The bladder can leak from something as little as a cough to lifting something, to performing strenuous exercises. Stress incontinence occurs from the bladder muscles not working properly. When either your bladder muscles or your internal anal sphincter muscle becomes weak, urine can easily leak whenever pressure is put on your bladder.

Conditions & Activities That Cause Stress Incontinence

These are all symptoms of stress incontinence if you leak urine during the conditions listed above. Other reasons you may have weakened bladder muscles can be due to giving birth, certain medications, and surgery around the pelvic area or injury to the pelvic area.

Increased Risk of Stress Incontinence in Women

Exams & Tests For Stress Incontinence

Treatment of Stress Incontinencestress incontinence woman


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