Sexually Transmitted Disease

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Sexually Transmitted Disease

At some point in their life, more than half of American’s will get some sexually transmitted disease or infection.  These diseases or infections are passed from one person to another during sexual contact, and can affect both males and females from all different races.

There are several types of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and over 19 million Americans are reported to have a sexually transmitted disease or infection each year, according to the US Health and Human Services.

Is Oral Sex Safe Sex?

No.  STD’s can be transferred through cuts or scrapes in the mouth, where herpes can be spread from skin to skin contact.  Syphilis is also very easily transferred through oral sex.

Different Types of STD’s

How Do You Know If You Have An STD?

Often, people can have a sexually transmitted disease without knowing it because they don’t show any physical symptoms, this is why STD’s are so dangerous because they so often go undetected. So, don’t wait til you have a rash or a wart to see a doctor!

The only way to know if you have an STD is to have an STD test.

When To See A Doctor

If you have had oral, vaginal, or anal sex – especially if it was unprotected – you should get tested, since STDs and infections are passed from person to person through intimate sexual contact.

Condoms are effective at reducing your risk, but even condoms are fallible.

STD Symptoms in Men

*These symptoms often only show up during the later stages of and STD

STD Symptoms in Women

*These symptoms often only show up during the later stages of and STD


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