Sports Motion Analysis

Technology To Prevent Injury & Improve Sport's Performance

What Is Sports Motion Analysis?

A method of preventing sports injuries and improving sport’s performance is a sports motion analysis.  A sports motion analysis analyzes a variety of sports related movements through high-speed photography.  Following an analysis of joint movement, coordination, and muscle activity, your sports medicine specialist helps enhance your sports performance. The study will also contribute to educating athletes on injury prevention and treatment options. This information is valuable for athletes, coaches, trainers and physicians for training, treatment methods and rehabilitation.

Motion Analysis For Injury Prevention & Improved Sports Performance

Sports such as golf, tennis, football and baseball can often lead to repeated sports injuries in the shoulders, ankles, knees, and wrists.

Motion analysis tools will evaluate and analyze particular movements and velocities diagnosing where and why an injury occurs and how to correct one’s technique to prevent that injury from happening again.

Sports medicine specialists utilize this data to help you get targeted treatment, training and rehab for these injuries or injury prevention.

Motions Analysis For Rehabilitation

Motion analysis systems provide quantitative assessments regarding your rehabilitated progress after a sports injury.  These systems assess back and spine injuries as well as knee and joint injuries, targeting attention and treatment and what areas need improvement.

Benefits of Motion Analysis


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