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Being Proactive Before A Concussion

An athlete’s career is bold and bright, yet a common denominator with any sports related activity is an injury. The potential of acquiring a concussion is high. Most athletes and their families hope for the best while assuming that concussions go with the territory. While sports concussion can’t be prevented; there are ways to be proactive regarding concussions called a baseline ImPact Test.

What is a Baseline ImPact Test?

Acquiring a baseline ImPact Test gives an assessment of the athlete’s unique brain profile before injury. Establishing what is normal for the athlete’s brain allows sports medicine specialists to have something to compare to if a concussion occurs.

How Should You See ForSports Concussion md top10md A Concussion?

When determining what sports medicine specialist to go to, it’s important to learn if the doctor chosen specializes is this field of concussion management and sports-related concussions, which usually includes the collaboration of physicians in the areas of neurology, neurosurgery, vestibular specialists, and neuropsychologists.


There are hundreds of Sports Medicine Specialists to choose from; however, not all doctors are created equal. Sports Medicine takes the knowledge and finesse of an experienced Sports Medicine Specialist. That’s why we’ve selected your city’s best Sports Medicine Specialists – to make the decision process easier for you and your family.

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