Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow

Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow is not some superhuman elbow given only to those who play tennis and golf. It is a condition related to elbow pain. Both tennis players and golfers primarily use their elbows in their sport. The constant twisting and overuse of the elbow can potentially cause pain. Tennis elbow is a condition that happens on the outside of the elbow, but golfers elbow is a condition that happens inside the elbow. You do not have to be a tennis player or golfer to experience this condition, but if you are, you put yourself at risk of experiencing either tennis or golfers elbow.

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Tennis elbow is not always a result of elbow damage at all. It is the overuse of the structures near the elbow like the forearm, arm, and hand. When you overuse these parts of your body, it results in elbow pain. As a tennis player, you clutch on to the tennis racket tightly, and you are constantly using those muscles, especially in the forearm. You are practicing daily and playing all the time. This constant use leads to elbow pain. Tennis elbow also happens when you damage the tendons and muscles on the outside of the elbow. This is also called lateral epicondylitis.


Golfers elbow is very similar to tennis elbow. Overuse of the forearm, hand, and arm also causes golfers elbow. There may also be damage to the tendons and the muscles but instead of on the outside, it is on the inside of the elbow. This condition is called medial epicondylitis. The thing about your elbow is that it is a joint kept in place by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The elbow is the point in which the radius, ulna, and humerus connect. The part that we call our elbow is the end of the ulna bone. In both golfers and tennis elbow, symptoms are similar.

Symptoms of golfer’s and tennis elbow include

The pain may be abrupt or increase over time gradually. You feel more pain when squeezing objects than while your hand is at rest. Picking things up can be a challenge. The pain may not only be in the elbow, but it may radiate down into the forearm and hand. The elbow may become stiff. Doing tasks that used to be simple like picking up boxes can become difficult because of the weakness. If you are playing sports, you may have to take a break.

Who does this affect?

Baseball players, tennis players, and golfers will be affected most by this condition. If you lift weights, you are also susceptible to this problem. Golfers and tennis elbow are not restricted to only sports players. There are other lines of work that make you more susceptible to golfers and tennis elbow. Any form of work where you have to bend constantly at the elbow will result in this problem. Carpenters, cooks, and maids all do a lot of elbow movement to get their job done. Hard labor like mechanic work or assembly line work requires the use of your elbows. Obesity is a risk factor for tennis and golfers elbow. If you have ever broken your elbow, you also put yourself at risk.

golfers tennis elbow md top10mdTreatment

Treatment is available and most of the time it cures golfers and tennis elbow. Sometimes all it takes is a little rest and ice. When you start feeling burning in your hands or your elbow looks deformed, you should see a doctor. The doctor does an X-ray to make a diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the doctor may give you a brace. The brace helps you to rest the elbow. Medications are another form of treatment. The doctor may prescribe gel to numb the pain or cortisone shots. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also useful. They get rid of the pain and help reduce swelling. Physical therapy can help as well. Therapy strengthens the elbow and helps you gain your range of motion. Surgery is rarely needed. Usually after rest and therapy you are good to go. If your elbow is still bothering you after a year, you may need surgery. There could be other factors causing your pain and discomfort. If you have injured your elbow before, your pain can be a result of scar tissue. Scar tissue can only be removed through surgery. No matter the cause, your tennis or golfer’s elbow can be fixed.

If you play sports, your elbow is important. It is very difficult to throw a ball, play tennis, or golf with elbow problems. Golfers and tennis elbow is not restricted to only golfers and tennis players but is often seen in them. To prevent this condition, you should make sure you are strengthening those muscles around the elbow with weight lifting. Do not overdo it or you may cause the problem. But light lifting can help. Form is everything. Using the proper form is important. If your elbow is not positioned right, you will cause golfers and tennis elbow. The best thing to do is rest. Everyone needs a break now and then.


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