Tailbone Injury

Causes of Tailbone Injury & Treatment

A tailbone injury brings on pain and discomfort in the lower spine and tailbone area. You may have fractured, dislocated or bruised your tailbone.

What is Your Tailbone or Coccyx?

The coccyx is the small triangular shaped area of bone (commonly referred to as your tailbone) at the bottom of the spine (vertebral column). It is made up of 3-5 bony portions that are held together by ligaments and joints.

Causes of Tailbone InjuryTailbone Injury

Tailbone injuries occur in women the majority of the time because their tailbone is exposed more.  Injuries to the tailbone occur when:

Symptoms of Tailbone Injury

When to See Your Spine Surgeon

Many patients feel they can ignore the pain, and it will go away. It’s when the pain doesn’t go away that you need to visit your spine surgeon. If the pain is severe, seek help within 24 hours. There is a possibility you may have a fracture, dislocation or something worse.


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