Rehabilitation Care

After Spine Surgery

rehabilitation spine surgeryThe most common cause of back pain after surgery is an incorrect preoperative diagnosis, where your doctor misdiagnoses the condition that qualifies you for surgery, and performs the wrong surgery on you. The second most common cause of continued back pain after surgery is inadequate rehabilitation after your operation.

Post-Op Recovery Time

Often, healing from spine surgery takes months to a year, depending on the type of spine surgery and the area of your spine that needed surgery.

What to Expect After Spine Surgery

A post-operative rehabilitation program that incorporates stretching, strengthening and conditioning of your muscles and tendons is an important part of recovering successfully from surgery on your spine.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is not a syndrome; it is a term that is used to describe your pain that starts or persists after your spine surgery. There are no typical cases of failed back surgery syndrome. Every patient is different, and your individualized treatment will be matched to your situation.

These are a few potential pain generators that can affect you after surgery.

The longer you have had your preoperative pain symptoms, and the bigger your back surgery, the longer and harder your rehabilitation after your operation will be. Unless there is a particular recurring problem that occurs after surgery, that can be solved with more surgery (like a recurring herniated disc), it is more reasonable to continue with rehabilitation rather than seeking out additional spinal surgeries.

Further Steps Post-Op Spine Surgery

rehabilitation spine surgerySurgery is only one initial component of your healing process. Do not feel like because you have undergone back surgery you have been “fixed” and do not need any further treatment. However this is not usually true; continued therapy and rehabilitation are necessary for you to have a real recovery.

Spine surgery is a significant undertaking. Rehab is an important part of helping you get the biggest benefits possible after spine surgery. Going into a rehabilitation program can help you recover from your spine surgery as quickly and entirely as possible. Think of it as an alignment for your body. Your physical therapist is in charge of “calibrating” your spine for everyday use after it has been altered during surgery.

There are three primary ways a therapist will work with you to ensure you get back into the best physical condition possible after your spine surgery:

Your success in recovery depends on your willingness to work hard, at home as well as with your therapist. Your surgery will take you a good distance down your road to recovery; then you and your therapist or team of therapists can work together to make your recovery the best it can be.



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