3D Printed Spinal Implants

3D Printed Spinal Implants md top10mdThe thought of printing out custom implants is no longer a thought but becoming a reality with 3D printed spinal implants. The spine is an important structure in the body. The structure is made in such a way that it helps with posture and protects the spinal cord. Spinal problems are sometimes difficult to treat. Several conditions affect the back. Some common conditions are stenosis and disc degeneration. When implants have to be into the body, it can be difficult to find ones that fit properly. 3D printed spinal implants are changing the prognosis for a lot of spinal problems. Not only are patients being treated, but their quality of life is also improving.

Back Problems

The back and spine are susceptible to many problems. Any problems with the spine end up causing back pain. Sometimes the pain and discomfort can be so bad that it is debilitating. Spine problems create other complications, primarily because of the nerves that lie in the spine. When you experience spinal stenosis, the spine becomes narrow which puts pressure on your nerves. The pressure on the nerve causes radiating discomfort. The pain may radiate into the hip, thigh, and leg. In the top of the spine, you may feel pain in the neck or arms. Disc problems may also lead to nerve problems. Whatever the case may be, you should get treatment right away before the condition becomes worse.

Spinal Implants

Spinal implants are a common source of treatment. Spinal implants are used to treat multiple spinal conditions. Implants help to stabilize the back and relieve pressure off the nerves. Implants may also be used to replace discs in the back. There are two categories of spinal implants: interbody implants and those on the outside of the spine. The interbody implants are put in between the discs. Interbody implants restore back alignment and help to maintain disc height. The implants come in different shapes, materials and sizes. The doctor chooses the implant that will work best for you. These implants might work, but they are not as efficient as 3D implants.

3D Implants

3D implants are different from other spinal implants because they are custom made. When it comes to medicine, one thing does not work for everyone. Everybody is different; therefore, treatment may be different. The spine, in particular, is one part of the body that is made the same for everyone but may differ in size and shape. Stenosis for one person may not be as severe as stenosis in another person, so the question is, how can you use the same implant for both? 4Web Medical company is changing the way implants for spine surgery is made.

3D Implant Formation

The 3D implantation process combines medicine with engineering. The 3D implant is created through a printout. To print something, you have to have an image that is ready to print. If you are in need of 3D implants, you start out by getting an MRI or CT scan. These scans give good images of the spinal cord. It shows the area that is suffering, and it gives the surgeon a blueprint for where the implants need to go. Once the image is made, a 3D printer makes a copy of the images. The 3D structure that results is customized to fit your spine. The structure is porous and not solid like bone. The structure is meant to be porous so that the bone can continue to grow if need be and it maintains the structure of the spine. The prognosis of 3D implants is much better because the implant fits perfectly.

3D Printed Spinal Implants md top10mdPrognosis

3D implants have been used around the world for different parts of the body. The US is now getting on board with implantation. 3D implants are common for bones in the feet. It is a fairly new treatment for spine conditions. Complications are minimal, and it is rare for you to need more surgery. Sometimes implants do not fit well and have to be adjusted or removed altogether. With 3D implants, there is no guessing or uncertainty about whether or not the implant will fit. The implant is strong and does not break easily. The technology for the spine is called 4WEB’s Spine and Cervical Spine Truss Systems. There are other technologies used for other bone problems.

3D Printed Spine implants are changing the game when it comes to spine treatment. Being able to take a picture of your spine and print out custom implants is groundbreaking. Their primary purpose is to decompress the nerves of the spine and help restore stability to the spine. Other implants have been used in the past, but there are limitations to how specific these implants are and how well they will work. If you are suffering from spinal problems, you should talk with a spine surgeon about 3D printed spine implant options.


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