Psychological Testing

IQ Test, Personality Test, Learning Disability Test

Psychological testing is done to clarify certain issues regarding one’s emotional health in order to help guide the course of treatment.  For example, testing can be used in order to determine if someone struggles with anxiety, depression, and OCD, among many other things, and also helps determine the degree of severity if the candidate is struggling with something.

Types of Psychological Tests

Cognitive Assessment. A cognitive assessment can be used to tests one’s IQ in order to help better determine their strengths and weaknesses. This can act as a good guide in career planning. It also can bring to light various brain differences such as attention and concentration, memory function, anger control problems, impulsivity and learning problems. A psychologist will also use this knowledge to help develop a plan for the candidate to leverage their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.psychological testing

Personality Test. A personality test can be used to help an individual when they are having difficulty verbalizing or understanding what their personal challenges and difficulties are. This helps a psychologist understand what potential traits of theirs may be causing them difficulty if the situation is rather vague.

Learning Disability Testing: Dyslexia, ADD & ADHD Testing

Learning disability tests help psychologists establish a plan of treatment for the individual, as well as collaborate with other medical professionals for the purpose of medication management. Also, testing for learning disabilities also helps document a student for the need of academic accommodations.


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