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Learning DisabilitiesBackground of Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affects a broad range of the brain’s normal functions including, the brain’s ability to process, respond, store, receive, and communicate information. Learning disabilities are a group of disorders rather than a single disorder. Furthermore, these disabilities have a negative impact on speaking, listening, writing, spelling, reading, and computing.

Learning disabilities are much different than mental disorders, including mental retardation and others in the autism spectrum disorder category. In fact, those with learning disabilities are in the average to above-average intelligence level and simply struggle more throughout school, at home and in the work place.

Telltale Sign of A Learning Disability

More often than not, the hallmark sign of a learning disability is when someone has a significant gap between their expected level of achievement and their performance. Learning disabilities can range from mild to severe. Coupled with this disorder, about one third of individuals also have either ADD or ADHD, as the commonly shared disabilities include concentrating, organizational skill, and memory.

Unfortunately, learning disabilities are commonly mistaken for ADHD, when really they do not deal with behavioral disorders including laziness and erratic emotions and behaviors.


One of the most common learning disabilities is dyslexia, which impairs one’s ability to read, write, and spell. Most often, one will confuse names, letters, and sounds and have difficulty blending sounds into words. They will need to read slowly so as not to skip over words, and they often have trouble remembering what they read shortly after reading the text. With the right support and training, those that struggle with dyslexia can overcome it and become great readers and writers.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one has a learning disability, don’t wait. Seek a specialist today who can help you gain confidence over your disabilities and help train you to overcome them!


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