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Gambling is a game of chance. Most people gamble with money, but some use their valuables like cars and jewelry. They may also bet on sports. It is a game that honestly you have no control over unless you cheat. The possibility of winning more money usually keeps people coming back. Even winning a few times gives people the confidence to keep going. The problem with gambling is that it can become an addiction, an impulsive addiction. When it becomes addicting, you can end up bankrupt and may even lose your family. Like any addiction, therapy is required. Through therapy, you can get your life back.

gambling top10mdMany people gamble these days. Some people are professional gamblers and spend a lot of money, but they may also make millions doing it. Professional gamblers tend to make their livings off of that. In professional gambling, the minimum amount you put in is enormous compared to the five or ten dollars minimum we put in.  They are also very in control of their gambling habits. They are smart about what they are spending and have a strategy for  Most of us if we gamble, just do it for fun. You may go to the penny machines and win a little. You may even have that one game that you play. Once you lose your money, most of us get up and leave. If we are winning, we turn in our chips for money. Gambling is a game of choice, chance, and prizes. Those of us who hit big and win a lot, become jubilant.

Not all gambling is legal. Some people engage in illegal gambling which is not good. A lot of illegal gambling happens when it comes to betting on sports. Illegal gambling is something that can send you to jail. Gambling usually becomes a problem when it becomes addicting. Just the thought of instant wealth makes people want to take a chance. Some people do not know how to stop. When you go to a casino to gamble, you take so much money, and once it is gone, you leave. Those who have a gambling problem keep going back for more. The though is that if I just play one more time, I will win. If I put in one more dollar or if I play one more round I’m going to win. That is usually not the case. You may get to the point where you have no more money left.

Gambling can take over your whole life. A day of gambling does not necessarily mean you are addicted, and neither does gambling daily, especially if you stick to a budget. Gambling is a problem when you cannot stop thinking about it. You are looking for your next opportunity to go. You feel like you cannot leave it alone. You start missing work, and it starts disrupting your daily activities. Gambling is not considered a problem until it creates problems. The once comfortable life you used to have can become one of poverty. It may get so bad that when you no longer have any money left, you start selling assets to get money for gambling. People will sell their jewelry, houses, and cars just to get the money they need to gamble. They put their life, and their family lives in jeopardy. When you start borrowing from loan sharks and dangerous people, you may find yourself in a bind.

gambling top10mdGambling can get you into so much debt; you may have to go bankrupt. Gambling debt can get into the millions of dollars if you do not get control of the problem right away. It becomes a compulsive habit. Those, especially with mood disorders like bipolar, are susceptible to gambling addictions. When you get in those depressed moods, you may use gambling as your way of coping. The thrill of the game has a way of making you feel better sometimes. It may also be a stress reliever.

If you feel the need to hide your gambling, it is a sign you may have an addiction. Other signs include gambling when you do not have enough money. That is the worst thing to do. You will start using rent money and money for your other bills to gamble. When family and friends start to get concerned, you should pay attention. Another sign is not being able to control your gambling. Once you lose your money, you may keep going. If you have any of these signs, you should seek help. Therapy is the best form of treatment. Talking things out with a therapist helps you understand your triggers as well as how to gain control of your gambling.
Gambling does not have to be an addiction, but it can easily become one if you allow it. When gambling is something that you no longer do for fun, but do out of impulse, you should seek help. When you first notice compulsive gambling behavior, stop. Do not let it spiral out of control. If you treat the problem now, you won’t have to deal with the major consequences later. There are many different types of therapy suited for gambling addicts. Getting the therapy you need can restore a healthy lifestyle.


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