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Domestic Abuse is something that no one should have to go through. Domestic abuse not only affects women but also men. According to the National Coalition of Domestic Violence, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have fallen victim to some form of physical violence by an intimate partner. These numbers are staggering. Domestic abuse is not limited to physical abuse. Domestic abuse also includes emotional abuse, sexual and psychological violence. So many people fall victim to domestic abuse and stay. It takes courage to leave an abusive situation. You do not have to go through it alone. There is help available.

domestic abuseDomestic abuse typically happens among intimate partners. Children, elderly, and other family members may also fall prey to domestic abuse. The abuser uses violence and intimidation as a means of power and control. Relationships should be full of love and trust. Being in a relationship where you fear for your life is not okay. Statistics of domestic abuse is high, but they may not be totally accurate. The problem is many people do not report domestic abuse. They keep silent about it because they do not want anyone to know. Most people know they are in domestically abusive situations but think because there is no physical violence it is ok. Several signs will help you know whether or not domestic abuse is present.

Signs of Domestic Abuse

You may think the signs of domestic abuse are obvious. But some people again only look at domestic abuse as physical abuse. It can also be sexual abuse even with an intimate partner. If you say no to sex, and it is not consensual, but forced, that is sexual abuse. Any inappropriate sexual behavior especially rape and molestation among family members are sexual abuse. So many children become victims and do not say anything because they just cannot comprehend what is happening to them. There are quite a few emotional signs that show domestic abuse.

If you are fearful of your partner most of the time, you may be in an abusive situation. So many people do not bring up certain topics or do certain things out of fear that their partner might be angered. Not having freedom of speech in your relationship is a clear sign of control. If you feel helpless or like you deserve to be hurt or mistreated, you are probably in an abusive relationship. Most abuses make you feel like nothing, so they have the power to control you. You may even think it is your fault. Abuse should never be a form of punishment for anyone. You should never believe that you deserve to be talked down on, or you deserve to be hit.

The abusive partner has specific ways of behaving. They tend to talk down to you and try to embarrass you.  They are never encouraging but always criticizing. Any accomplishments or good things that happen to you are always put down.  They attempt to destroy your self-esteem and make it to where you do not want to be around your family or friends. They always blame you for their abusive behavior. They make you feel like it is your fault. You tend to stay because after the abuse they like to apologize and make you think it would never happen again. More times than not it always happens again. You have no value or worth to them. You are more like property that they feel they can control.

Finding Domestic Abuse Help

domestic abuseIf you know the signs of domestic abuse, you are more likely to do something about it. The first step of getting out of a domestic abuse situation is finding someone you trust. It is good to have someone you can talk to about it and who can help give you advice without running to tell everyone you know. There are also domestic abuse hotlines that are available to help you. You can also call the cops. If you fear for your life, it is best to get law enforcement involved. You do not have to die from domestic abuse. You can choose to do something now.
Saying sorry doesn’t fix the situation. Do not continue to be a victim. No one should have control over you except you. Sometimes domestic abuse starts off with saying hurtful things. A person gets angry and begins to be verbally abusive. From there things can escalate to physical abuse. No type of abuse should be tolerated. If you notice signs now, they will only get worse if not dealt with. Those that abuse others have self-esteem issues as well as anger management problems. They take out all of their anger and frustration out on you because they feel as if they can. Do not be the one that sits back and says nothing. Do not continue to allow yourself to fall victim to domestic abuse. Take your control back now.


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