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Choosing the proper career for you can start with career counseling. Career counseling is a great tool to help you understand and choose a career that is best for you. As a child you have aspirations of being something amazing; maybe an actress, musician, or zookeeper. When you get older, sometimes those desires change. Many people go through a phase where they no longer have a clue what they want to do with their life. Nobody wants to be a part of a job they hate, especially if they are not making enough money. Nearly half of the people in America are unhappy with their jobs. If you are a part of that half, career counseling may be for you.

career counselingCareer counseling is not only for those first starting out in the workforce but can also be for those who have been in it a while. If you are totally happy with your job and love the money you are making as well as the benefits, you are not a candidate for career counseling. Career counseling is more than just telling someone what job fits them. In high school, many of us took those career aptitude test. Based on the results, it told us what careers we would excel in. Sometimes those tests were helpful but other times it only made us more confused. Career counselors do not only use tests like the aptitude test but also help you find a career based on your personality, values, and skills. You may be extremely intelligent and can pass a medical school exam, but if you do not like blood, becoming a doctor may not be for you. If you are very outgoing and like to talk with people, an accounting job may depress you.

It is not enough to know the aptitude of someone without assessing other factors that make up that person. Career counselors use specific tools to assess a client and help them find a job that is suitable for them. A career assessment is one tool. The career assessment is similar to the aptitude test. It just assesses what careers may be better for you based on a series of answers you gave to each question. The assessments also help the counselor see what careers would not be a good match for you. There are many different career assessments based on the person who is looking for the job. The career assessment for the college graduate starting out is different from the middle age person who has been working in a career that is unpleasurable. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a common tool used by career counselors to assess your personality. Education and interest level all get factored in as well to help you find a career suitable for you.

Career Counselors

Career counselors are those that do career counseling. They can help almost anyone. They can help those just starting out as well as business men and women. For the working professional, they typically just give advice and guidance. For those looking for a total career change, they use those career assessment tools as well as guidance. Finding a good career is important especially since you spend most of your life working. You do not want to waste your time on a job that you hate. Your career can have a negative effect on your family life. When you bring your work issues home, it affects everyone around you. Career counselors make an impact not only on your job situation but also on your life.

career counselingThey help their clients research jobs as well as with resume building and interview tips. To be successful in finding a career, you have to be polished; that includes resumes, knowing how to respond in interviews, as well as looking the part. Counselors assist in all of these things. For those who may like their careers but looking to excel may also see a career counselor. Career counselors can advise you on how to get promotions on the job. They can help you make your job experience better. They will give you tips on how to improve your job satisfaction. Most career counselors work in schools like high school or colleges. These are typically places where people need the most help. They may also work in private practices, social service offices, and staffing agencies.
Many of us may have it all figured out as it pertains to our careers. If you love what you do, then you should be grateful because there are so many people who do not. If you hate going to work every morning, feel as if you do not make enough money, or think you job is too difficult, it may be time for a career change. If you are about to graduate from school and unsure what your strengths are or what career is best for you, you may need career guidance. In both cases, a career counselor can help. You do not have to go on working a job you hate until you retire. Finding a career counselor may change your whole life. The thought of being excited about work may seem crazy, but with the help of career counseling, it is possible.  


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