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You have a beautiful baby, and now it is time for their newborn visit. Sometimes the first doctor visit is harder for you as the parent than it is for the baby. That first doctor’s visit is crucial. Your child got the care it needed in the hospital, but it is time for your pediatrician to take over. They are the ones that will keep up with your child’s growth and health. If this is your first child, you begin to establish a rapport with your new pediatrician. This pediatrician can be your pediatrician for your whole family. Your newborn visit is just the first of many. Knowing beforehand what to expect can help ease your mind before the appointment.

Choosing a Physician

Pediatricians are physicians that work with newborns up until about the age of 18. Some pediatrNewborn Visit md top10mdicians specialize in certain age groups. Pediatricians are not the only primary care physicians for children. Family doctors can also take care of your child. Family physicians take care of the whole family. They are trained in a lot of different things, and some are trained to deliver. The doctor you choose to take care of your precious newborn is someone you should trust and someone that meets the expectations you have.

After Delivery

You have been carrying this precious child for nine months, or close to it, and you finally have the opportunity to meet them for the first time. After delivery, the nurses take the child, clean them up and check all of their vitals. If your child is premature, there are a lot of precautions taken to make sure the child is okay. Some may need a ventilator to help them breathe until the lungs become fully developed. In the hospital, your pediatrician comes around and checks on the child. They get a report on how the child is doing and may administer their first vaccination. The pediatrician keeps up with the child during their hospital stay and suggests the best time for you to come for your first appointment. Some babies are released within a few days, and others have to stay in the hospital for months before they are released to go home.

The First Visit

The first visit is typically a long one, so try not to plan anything around the time of your visit. Your first visit is the one week visit. If your child has been in the hospital for a while and missed their one week visit, it is okay. The doctor will administer any missed vaccinations when they see your child. The first visit may or may not require vaccinations. It is dependent upon whether or not your child received their Hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital. If the child has not gotten their vaccine, they will need one at the end of the visit.

The Procedure

It is important to bring all of your child’s hospital paperwork with you to the first visit. You can also have that information faxed over. It is important for the doctor to look through that information and assess any complications and use it to see how the child is developing. During the first visit, you must undress your child down to their diaper; this will allow the doctor to get a true weight. Weighing your newborn is very different from the way you would weight yourself. Most offices put the baby on a table that has a scale. Along with weight, you will get the length of your child and their head circumference. The head circumference measures whether or not the brain is growing like it should.

newborn visit top10md pediatrician doctor mdTaking these measurements are important because to the eye everything can look normal, but on a developmental scale, your child may or may not be developing properly. The next step is going through all the questions and concerns. It is important for the doctor to know how many ounces the child is eating and how many times a day. Sleep is important as well as developmental things like reflexes and being able to make noises and turn to sound. Many developmental issues are diagnosed in the beginning. If you can get an early diagnosis, you can also get treatment much sooner. Jaundice is another important thing that is checked. It is common for children to be jaundice when they are born but over time that goes away. This is the time you should ask all of your questions. There are no dumb questions. Your doctor is here to help you and answer the questions you need to be answered.

Raising a child is no easy task, but your child’s physician can help. Their main goal is to make sure the child is healthy and developing properly. If you are pregnant, the time for looking for a pediatrician is now. Do not wait until after the child is born. Choose a pediatrician you trust and can build a good relationship with. A newborn is a blessing, and their health is the utmost importance.


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