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It Takes A Village


What Exactly Is Dyslexia?

Born with Dyslexia is no easy task. School is hard enough when you have a child who has a learning disability such as Dyslexia it makes it even harder. People are usually born with dyslexia and it remains a lifelong challenge.  Often described as a learning and processing disorder  – where it becomes hard to read, write and spell.

Contrary to popular belief, Dyslexia is not a sign of laziness or lower IQ or impaired vision.  Because a school is composed of a lot of reading and writing, it is important to catch this early on to help your child in coping with it.  Many public schools across the country have Dyslexia programs built into the system. If you find your child is suffering from this disorder, seek not only your Pediatrician but also the school counselor. It takes a village.

 Warning Signs 

Symptoms Dyslexia letters

How To Treat Dyslexia

With the help of a tutor or trained professional, those who struggle with dyslexia can become great readers and writers. It will contribute to exposing your child to reading out loud and writing at a young age. Practicing reading from several different kinds of sources helps as well, such as magazines, print ads, and books.

Sight, sound and touch, as a multi-sensory approach helps make progress with dyslexia.  Seeking extra time in the classroom will help with assessment as well.

As parents, we can offer the emotional support our children need to make progress with dyslexia, in the face of potential discouragement. It is important to be our children’s best cheerleader to help them overcome this.


Although reading and writing are essential skills for daily living, there are multiple opportunities for people with dyslexia to focus on their strengths that they can gain great satisfaction from. Such jobs or activities can include, art, architecture, design, engineering, and surgery, just to name a few.


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