Proton Therapy

A Better Option Than Standard Radiation

Stepping Beyond the Boundaries of Conventional Cancer Therapy: Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy

Your medical oncologist has prescribed Proton Therapy for your particular cancer type.

Proton Therapy has stated that patients have a better quality of life with proton therapy vs. standard radiation.

What is Proton Therapy?

Proton Therapy is a type of external beam radiotherapy using ionizing radiation. The accelerator is used to target your tumor with a beam of protons. This damages the DNA of your cancer cells, ultimately causing their death or interfering with their ability to replicate.

Cancer cells are vulnerable to attacks on DNA because of their high rate of division and their reduced abilities to repair DNA damage.

Currently, studies are ongoing comparing proton therapy to other types of radiation therapy. Early prognosis is patients are able to receive high-dose treatments with very few side effects. The downside is the treatment is far more expensive than traditional radiation.

A great resource would be The National Association for Proton Therapy. The associations website is full of information to educate you on weighing the pro’s and cons of standard radiation vs. Proton Therapy.

Whichever you and your family decide on- think positive, be positive and stay positive!

Facts About Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy is the most precise form of radiation treatment available today. It destroys the primary tumor site and leaves the surrounding tissue and organs healthy, intact and unharmed.


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