Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine Insemination md top10md The process of making a child is not easy for everywhere, but intrauterine insemination is changing that; it is giving couples the help they need in their fertility process. Not everyone wants to be a parent, but many do. Sometimes it seems like the ones who do not want kids have them and the ones who do struggle to get them. Having a child seems like a one step process, but it is not. Making a child requires a lot of factors happening at the right time and place. Some couples struggle with having children due to issues with fertility. Intrauterine insemination is one method of treatment used to assist with the childbearing process.


You probably know the story of the birds and the bees, or do you? You may know the physical process that takes place, but what goes on for a child to be made. The reproductive system of women and men not only look different, but it functions differently. Understanding the reproductive system will allow you to understand fertility. When it comes to fertility, the problem is usually centered around women. Women are not the only ones that can be infertile. Sometimes fertility is an issue for men. Women star producing eggs in the womb. There are about 7 million eggs during the developmental process in the womb. At birth, you drop down to 1 million eggs. By the time puberty hits, you should have about 300, 000 eggs. This is more than enough eggs. You will not have 300,000 children. To date, no one has had more than 69 children, so I am sure you will be fine. Men, on the other hand, are constantly producing sperm. They will produce about 525 billion sperm. During ejaculation, a man will release 40 million to 1 billion cells. When there are not enough sperm or good eggs, having children is not easy.

The Womb

As soon as an egg is released, it lies in wait. As stated earlier, about 1 billion sperm are released. Of those 1 billion sperm only one inserts into the egg. When the sperm is released, the race begins. Getting to the egg is like an obstacle course. There are many things the sperm has to overcome to reach the egg. The uterus is acidic, and it kills most of the sperm as soon as it enters. Sometimes the sperm does not have the energy to reach the egg and dies out. Once it finally reaches the egg, it drills into it and creates a barrier that prevents other sperm from entering the egg. Now the fertilization process can occur. When the egg is not viable and missing genes and chromosomes, it will not survive. If the egg does not attach to the uterus, it also will not work. If there are not enough sperm being released, it is less likely of a chance that a sperm will reach the egg.

Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination is a fertility treatment where a physician places sperm inside of the woman for the purpose of fertilization. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) increases the number of sperm that can reach the egg. There is a huge advantage doing things this way. It gives the sperm a head start. It gives fertility a much greater chance.

Uses for IUI

IUI is not good for everyone, but if you have the following issues, you may be a candidate.

IUI will not work for those with serious diseases. If there are dysfunctions in the fallopian tubes, IUI is not going to work for you. Pelvic infections and endometriosis also hinder the effectiveness of IUI.

IUI ProcessIntrauterine Insemination md top10md

To start the process, you will be given ovulation medication. Your physician will continue to monitor you until because they want to watch for mature eggs. Once ovulation begins, the insertion of sperm will take place. The time frame is very specific and exact. The semen is prepared before the time of ovulation. The sample is washed, and the fluid is separated from the sperm. A catheter is used to insert the sperm into the uterus. The process is very quick and increases chances of conception.


There are many benefits to the procedure. The risks are minimal. The greatest risk is having multiples. There is only a slight risk of infection. The success of the procedure depends on many things, including, the age of the woman, reasons for fertility, and the use of fertility drugs. The procedure is not nearly as expensive as some other fertility treatments. The process is painless as well. You may have slight discomfort, but no pain.

If you are having trouble with fertility, intrauterine insemination may be the treatment for you. The process is short, and the procedure is inexpensive. You should talk with your physician about this option. IUI can help give you the child you have always wanted.


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