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FemiLift: Vaginal Rejuvenation md top10mdMost of us have heard of facelifts, but there is a new procedure known as the FemiLift, which is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that not only lifts the vaginal area but restores it. 15 million women in the U.S. suffer from vaginal health issues due to childbirth, age, dryness, prolapse, or a variety of other conditions. Putting a strain on not just your own psyche but your intimate relationships. Don’t be embarrassed, frustrated, sad, or uncomfortable as everything is fixable today! 

New treatments and therapies can be lifting and rejuvenating for your vagina and for you. The vaginal area goes through changes over the years and as we age things change; you no longer have to live with vaginal insecurities as vaginal restoration is here.

Vaginal Concerns

Age is a major factor when it comes to the vagina. Some people get older and experience very few changes. Between having children and age things change. Women suffer from the loss of feeling; having multiple children pull and tugs on the vaginal wall tearing valuable nerves. The vagina does bounce back after a child comes out, but that stretching, especially with multiple children can cause damage that cannot be fixed without intervention from your surgeon. When your vagina becomes loose and loses muscle tone, it’s not only unpleasant for you but can be embarrassing with your mate. Many women suffer from the loose skin making it visible in tight fitting clothes AWG! FemLift and vaginal rejuvenation can change this.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty procedure has become very popular among women. There is something to say about having our vaginas restored back to its youthful state. During the procedure, the vagina is tightened and restored. During the procedure, your surgeon begins by tightening the muscles inside the vagina as well as outside the vagina. Other structures are tightened as well to restore control and tone. The procedure enhances sexual gratification and gives you an overall natural look. The procedure can be performed with or without the laser, and with and without the FemiLift all techniques work well together. 

FemiLift offers painless rejuvenation without surgery 

The Femilift is the newest method of vaginal rejuvenation that does not require any surgery at all. Not having surgery takes away recovery times and a lot of risks that surgery brings. The procedure is performed once or twice a month, depending on how often you and your doctor feel you need it. Each session lasts about 30 minutes. Instead of lasers and scalpels, your surgeon uses heat to restore the vagina. Heat works to tighten the vaginal area. Just like the skin on our face, the vaginal area also has collagen and elastin. What the heat does is cause collagen and elastin fibers to contract; during contraction, the vagina tightens and becomes smaller. The procedure works well for urinary incontinence and vaginal tightening.  Since there is no surgery involved, you will not have any downtime or recovery time. The procedure is painless as well. The downside is that it does nothing for loose skin. If you have an issue with loose and sagging skin, you may need a vaginoplasty. Besides that, the risks are fairly minimal, and results are imminent.

If you’re suffering from a decrease in sexual pleasure due to a stretched vagina from having children, or urinary incontinence, take a look at the FemiLift procedure. Simply tightening the vaginal area can do a world of difference. Talk with your gynecologist today about your conditions and insecurities and choose today to regain your youth and confidence back in the bedroom.


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