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Composite Fillings md top10mdAre you suffering from tooth decay or disfigured teeth, well suffer no longer. Composite fillings are available just for that. A composite filling does not only fill in cavities, but it is also used to reshape teeth that are disfigured. When you hear the word filling, you probably think about cavities. Fillings are for much more than that. The feelings are made from a mixture of plastic and glass. It probably sounds unhealthy, but it is safe and effective. The fillings work because once it is hardened, it looks and feels like your normal teeth.

Our teeth are susceptible to both fracture and decay. Teeth are as hard as bone. They are important in eating. If you do not have teeth, it will be hard for you to eat certain foods and chewing is impossible. It is because of our teeth that we can digest certain things. Without teeth, we would only have gums, and well they cannot smash certain foods. Trying to eat with your gums is not easy or comfortable. There are many different components to our teeth. The first component is the periodontal ligament. These tissues hold the teeth to the jaw. Three layers make up the teeth. The pulp is the soft inner layer that contains both nerves and blood vessels. Dentin is the next layer that sits underneath the enamel. The dentin is like the bone marrow of the teeth. The cells lie inside the dentin and secretes a hard substance. The enamel is the final layer of the teeth. It is the outer part of the tooth that you can see. The enamel is what becomes damaged by decay. It also gets stained by the things you eat and drink.

You have 32 total teeth in your mouth. It is important to keep them clean and healthy so that when you are older, you do not need dentures. Teeth are susceptible to all kinds of diseases and even fracture. Tooth fractures are not the most common thing, but they are possible. Biting down on something too hard can easily break a tooth. Sometimes infections sit inside the mouth and infect the teeth. When you have cavities that are not treated, they begin to decay the inner part of the tooth. Sometimes the decay can get bad and spread to the gums. When you chip or break a tooth, it looks disfigured. Composite fillings fix all those things.

Filling TypeComposite Fillings md top10md

There are different types of fillings available like silver and gold, but composite fillings are more natural looking. The composite fillings mix glass and plastic. When these two materials are combined, they create a hard white substance once dried. The dentist will prepare the filling and use light to harden the layer. Before the composite layer completely hardens, the dentist will shapen the mold to the proper structure. If you have a chipped tooth, the filling will be shaped to look like your normal tooth. When you have decay, the filling will fill in the whole made from the decay and will bring the tooth back to life without extracting the tooth altogether. Once the filling is in place, it hardens, and the dentist puts a coat over the filling to prevent future staining.

The composite filling is more expensive than the alternative silver filling. Silver fillings work, but they are not as natural looking. Composite fillings are white and very natural; therefore, they cost a lot more. There are many advantages to composite fillings. The greatest advantage is the natural look. When you smile, no one would even know that you have a filling. The color is going to to be spot on so you cannot see where the tooth has been filled. When composite fillings are in place, it supports the tooth structure. It makes a strong bond with the rest of the tooth so that other parts of the tooth do not become weak and easily fractured. The good part about bonding is that your tooth will not be sensitive to heat and cold. When there are holes in the tooth, eating ice cream or soup could be very difficult. Sensitivity to these temperatures makes eating an uncomfortable thing. Nothing is perfect, so there are a few disadvantages. The first disadvantage to composite fillings is the color change that could occur after. When you drink dark beverages, you will stain your new fillings. The second disadvantage is that it will also wear out quicker than silver fillings.

Composite fillings are a great way to treat many tooth problems. It is easier to fill in a tooth rather than extract a tooth. When decay or cavities are mild, you can use composite fillings to restore your tooth back to normal. When you ignore the signs of decay,  you may have to get an extraction. The teeth are important not only for cosmetic normality but also for chewing and digestion. Be good to your teeth and they will be good to you.


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