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Naturopathic Medicine md top10mdNaturopathic Medicine is a different type of medical practice. It is a combination of using nature and medical science. There are a lot of myths about naturopathic medicine, but it is a great alternative to regular medicine. The purpose of naturopathic medicine is to use your natural healing process as well as nature to bring about a cure. Medicine today is easy to get; any ache and pain we get have us going into our medicine cabinet and getting pills. What we do not realize is that these medicines have so many side effects, and the continued use of them may damage our organs. If you are sick of popping pills, maybe you should seek out a naturopathic doctor for help.

Naturopathic medicine may be new to you, but it is an old tradition. You probably use some naturopathic medical techniques now. The first naturopathic medical school was founded in the 1900s. Its popularity began to dwindle during the Industrial Revolution, but today it has become more popular. You may be one of those people who are tired of going to the doctor over and over for the same thing. The problem sometimes with regular medical doctors is that they only treat your symptoms. If you have a headache, they prescribe pain killers to get rid of a headache, but they do not treat the source of the problem. High blood pressure, ear infections, inflammation, and dental problems may all cause headaches. If you are only treating the headache pain, you will continue to have them because the source of the problem is not treated.

Some people are weary of going to a naturopathic doctor. You may think these doctors do not believe in medicine and make concoctions from the soil. This is not true at all. Naturopathic doctors have an ND degree. They have to go to school just like any other doctor but have more training in homeopathy and botanical medicine. They focus on treating the cause of the problem versus just the symptoms. They have six foundation principles:

  1. Prevention
  2. Treat the whole person
  3. The healing power of nature
  4. Identify and Treat the Cause
  5. Doctors as Teachers
  6. First, Do Not Harm

(The American Association of Naturopathic Medicine)

Naturopathic Medicine md top10mdThese principles are great. When it comes to prevention, they assess everything pertaining you; family history, risk factors, etc. They want to cure you from whatever you are dealing with, but they also want to prevent new problems. Treating the whole person involves not just looking at your physical state but also taking into consideration your mental and emotional health, environment, spirituality, and anything that plays a role in your overall health. Naturopathic doctors are trained in natural techniques. They not only understand the medicine of nature, but they take into consideration how the body can heal itself. Identifying and treating the cause is important. In naturopathic medicine, you are not getting treating for your symptoms; you are getting treated for the cause of your symptoms. All doctors should be teachers in a sense, but Naturopathic doctors emphasize teaching their patients responsibility and what steps to take for better health. First, Do Not Harm may seem like an odd principle. The whole idea behind this principle is choosing options that minimize harmful side effects and the potential danger of suppressing symptoms. If your care is doing more harm than good, what is the point? It is not good to tell me to take this medicine and then put me at risk for kidney damage and all types of other problems.  

Naturopathic medicine entails a lot of things. They still use diagnostic testing like any other doctor. It is important to get a blood test, and imaging is done to confirm a diagnosis. They also combine nutrition with botanical medicine. Sometimes the cure that we need is in us changing our eating habits. The things that we are putting into our bodies may be our greatest enemy. There are so many plants in nature that have the power to heal diseases better than these medicines from the pharmaceutical companies. Education is a major component of naturopathic medicine. If you can learn health risks and better hygiene practices, you can assist the doctor in your healing. Naturopathic doctors still use prescription medications, but it is only to a minimum. Practices like acupuncture and natural childbirth are also a part of this large of naturopathic medicine.

You may have never thought that your body has the power to heal itself, but it is possible. Naturopathic medicine puts an emphasis on your body’s ability to heal versus on prescription medication use. Sometimes unknowingly, we are killing ourselves with the way we eat and the habits we have. Just by changing these little things, we can maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you feel as if you are going to the same doctors and getting the same results, you need to try something new. Naturopathic medicine is a great alternative and could be the next step you need to take for complete healing.


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