Brow Lift

A brow lift otherwise thought of as a forehead lift is used to lift the sagging skin around your upper eyelids, your eyebrows, and your forehead. Often, a brow lift is performed the same time as a facelift.

Types of Brow Lifts

Classic brow lift – is performed via one incision that goes from the ears up across the hairline. This way, scarring is virtually invisible.

Endoscopic brow lift – is when the doctor makes a few small incisions in the scalp and uses another small instrument to go in and make changes from beneath the skin. Small anchors are used, in this method, to secure the tissue, and this procedure is less invasive than the classic brow lift. Lastly, the recovery time on the endoscopic brow lift is quicker, and there is minimal scarring.

Starting With A Brow Lift Consultation

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss with your surgeon your medical history, your current health and your aesthetic goals for this procedure.

Your surgeon will be observing your face and how your muscles move on your face. You may even go through a series of facial movements so your plastic surgeon can see how your facial muscles move and how he can best help you.

Preparing For Brow Lift Procedure: Lifestyle Changes to Make

Your doctor should discuss with you, in detail, what specific adjustments need to be made to your routine to ensure your safety and wellbeing before going into this procedure. Temporarily, your doctor will probably ask you to stop drinking alcohol and taking certain medications. A few of the meds you should discontinue are aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs because these drugs can cause increased bleeding.

Other things to think about are your hair. If it is too long, it may need to be trimmed back so as not to get in the way of the procedure. If it is too short, it may be good to start growing it out to help cover initial scaring. Again, your surgeon will be able to better discuss these things with you in detail. 

Brow Lift Procedure

The procedure is a 2-hour or less, outpatient procedure with local anesthesia used. If just the local anesthesia is not enough, you are welcome to have general anesthesia as well. The incision areas are closed with stitches and staples. And your face will be cleaned and will have bandages put on.

Post Brow Lift Procedure | Recovery of Brow Lift

In your post-operative care, it’s essential that you follow the surgeon’s instructions very carefully when changing your bandages.  Furthermore, you will need someone to drive you home from the surgery, and if you live alone, stay with you for the next two days to lend a helping hand.


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