Balloon Sinuplasty™

If you are a person that suffers from chronic sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty may be a treatment specifically for you. Balloon Sinuplasty™ is a sinus procedure done to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis. The great part about this is that no cutting is necessary. It is a relatively non-invasive treatment that does not require a long recovery period. Regularly taking medications can get old. This treatment gives you an alternative. It can be an easy fix to an ongoing problem.

Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is a sinus infection that is reoccurring. The sinuses sit in the cheekbones, nasal cavity, forehead,and behind the nose. When you come in contact with a sinus infection, you will feel pain and pressure in all of these areas.  Sinus infections are a result of either virus or bacteria entering into the sinus cavity and causing problems such as inflammation, increased mucus and fever. It can be a result of allergies, a cold, flu or another blockage in other areas like the ears.  Headaches and congestion are other symptoms. Over 3 million people are diagnosed yearly with chronic sinusitis. It is not an uncommon problem. Some people even have multiple infections a year. This condition is treatable and can affect all ages.

The Process of Balloon Sinuplasty™

Balloon Sinuplasty™

Balloon Sinuplasty™ (BSP) is the use of a balloon catheter. It is a small, flexible tool that is inserted into the nasal cavity. Its purpose is to open up the nasal cavity by removing the mucus causing the blockage. The balloon catheter is inserted through the nose into the sinus cavity. The balloon is then inflated to widen the sinus opening. A saline solution is sprayed into the sinus cavity to flush out all of the mucus and pus. Once the mucus is completely flushed out, the catheter is removed. BSP does not eliminate the inflammation, but it does help relieve the pressure. With the mucus being gone, inflammation may decrease faster.

Balloon Sinuplasty™ (BSP) is not a new treatment. It is used by most ear, nose, and throat doctors to treat chronic sinusitis. It does not require any cutting of the bone or tissue in the sinuses. After surgery, the recovery period is short. Every person is different but on average, most can return to their normal life after about two days.

Balloon Sinuplasty™ is not a procedure that everyone can undergo. It is only useful in mild to moderate cases. It is not effective in severe chronic sinusitis. There are certain guidelines for those who require sinus surgery. There are even more guidelines for BSP. According to Medscape, over 30 million Americans are affected by chronic sinusitis. Of those 30 million, 800,000 are in need of sinus surgery. A total of 350,000 people has received Balloon Sinuplasty™. These statistics reveal that less than half the people in need of sinus surgery are receiving BSP.

BSP Limitations

There are limitations for BSP. One limitation of BSP relates to the sinuses. There are four separated sinus cavities: frontal, maxillary, sphenoid, and ethmoid. BSP can only be effective in extranasal sinuses; therefore, the catheter can only be placed in the maxillary, frontal, or sphenoid sinuses. The ethmoid sinus is exempt from this because it sits within the nasal cavity. The dilation of the catheter is not suitable for placement in the nasal cavity.

In most surgeries, there is typically a removal of the thing that is causing the problem. Sinus surgery, in general, is limited in that it cannot remove the cause of the problem. The sinuses are cavities in the face. The removal of sinus cavities is not possible. The sinuses are necessary, so surgery can only help the problem. The inability to remove the sinuses may lead to a person needing multiple sinus surgeries.

BSP has become the closest thing to a permanent fix for chronic sinusitis. The dilation of the sinuses leads to easier ventilation and a release from the blockage. Treatments for maintaining clear sinuses typically become more effective after surgery. Recovery time is so short because there is no swelling from an incision. Other sinus surgeries involve making an incision which leads to swelling. This swelling may cause sinus problems to worsen temporarily. Once the inflammation decreases, the sinus problems will also resolve.
Chronic sinusitis may be a problem you are facing. The good news is there are treatments available to help your sinus problems. There is no complete cure, but BSP has come close. Those who have undergoneBalloon Sinuplasty™ have reported significant improvement not only in their sinuses but also in their quality of life. Being sick all the time is no fun, and it plays a role in your livelihood. Suffering from chronic sinusitis can affect your mood and cause fatigue. If you are one of those people who are tired of suffering, make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor. The doctor will be able to assess the problem and determine whether or not you are in need of surgery. Do not live life feeling like you are in a fog. Get the treatment you need for chronic sinusitis and live both happy and healthy.


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