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You still cannot develop or define your pectoral muscles. You are not alone.  Pectoral Implants can be used to improve the appearance of the chest in men with underdevelopment of their pectoral chest muscles or for men who have a congenital defect or deformity of the chest wall from disease or injury. You will be back to work within the week.

Your plastic surgeon offers preformed implants or custom designed implants by the surgeon. Whichever you should choose we will guide you along the way.

Men who have Poland Syndrome, a congenital abnormality of the chest in which there is an absence of the pectoralis major and minor muscles are also candidates for pectoral implants. Placed under your existing pectoral muscle these soft, yet solid implants feel like they are your own.

You know that you have Poland Syndrome if there is an absence of the pectoralis minor and the breastbone part of the pectoralis major muscle.  For women, post-operative adjustable implants may help to disguise this deficiency. For males custom made pectoral implants are available.  The procedure takes two-three hours.


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