Earlobe repair

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Ear Lobe RepairOver 19,000 earlobe repair are performed every year and are a common procedure performed by all plastic surgeons.  Earrings get pulled, caught on clothing or even your earlobe can be stretched due to large or heavy earrings, resulting in a large opening that may even tear completely through the lobe. Whether you have a partial tear or a complete tear, the torn earlobe can be repaired in our office based surgery center. 

How is the earlobe repaired?

This procedure is performed with a sterile technique under local anesthesia. After getting you settled your earlobe will be injected with a tiny needle with a small amount of local anesthetic. Your surgeon will remove a small portion of the skin. Then, using fine sutures the earlobe is meticulously repaired to reconstruct a normal, rounded, earlobe. A small bandage covering your stitches will be placed. One week after the earlobe repair we will remove the stitches.

Good Candidates for Ear Lobe Repair

  • Enlarged earring hole in earlobe
  • Split earlobe
  • History of trauma to the earlobe

When can I pierce my earlobes again?

After your earlobe has healed and the scar has softened, your earlobe can be re-pierced. Usually, three months after your repair.

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