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Fecal Incontinence md top10mdFecal incontinence is a troublesome problem that can be treated with InterStim Therapy. There are many different causes of fecal incontinence that can all be resolved through  InterStim Therapy. InterStim Therapy is the cutting edge technology. The first procedure was done in 2011. The procedure requires the use of an implant device. The device stimulates the nerves at the end of the spine. This stimulation helps strengthen the pelvic muscles and sphincter muscles. The problem with most fecal incontinence is due to issues in the muscles. By strengthening the muscles, you can reverse the problem. Through this new therapy, lives are being changed.

Fecal incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements. Sometimes it can also be called bowel incontinence. Bowel incontinence affects people of all ages. Fecal incontinence can affect your whole life. You may change all your plans because of this problem. Those that are older typically struggle with fecal incontinence more than those who are younger. If you deal with bowel problems like irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease, you are more susceptible to fecal incontinence. The disorder ranges from minor to severe. In mild fecal incontinence, you may only pass gas or leak small amounts of the bowel. In severe cases, you can lose total control of your bowels. It is nearly impossible to make it to the bathroom in time.


Fecal incontinence is a result of many different things. Constipation and diarrhea are two. We all experience constipation and diarrhea throughout our life. Just because it happens a few times a year does not mean we will have fecal incontinence. It is something that has to happen consistently. Constant diarrhea and constipation affect the muscles in your anal cavity. Muscle and nerve damage are also common problems. The muscles help control both the movement of the bowel as well as helping you hold it in until you can make it to the bathroom. When these muscles are affected, you lose control. The nerves are also important. The nerves trigger your bowel movements and help you know when it is time to go. Muscle and nerve damage can be a result of paralysis and even childbirth. Sometimes during childbirth the muscles in your anal cavity become weak.

Diagnosis & Treatment

When there are issues in the nerves and muscles, InterStim Therapy may be best for you. Before implantation of the device, the doctor will first do a 14-day trial run just to make sure it will work. Sometimes fecal incontinence is not a result of muscle or nerve problems. If it is not, then, this treatment will not help. The 14-day trial verifies the source of the problem as being muscle or nerve related. The implant sits on the outside of the body on the buttock. It will stimulate the nerves from the outside. If the device is working well, the doctor will keep the electrical impulses the same. If the impulses are not strong enough, the doctor will increase the intensity of the pulses in hopes it will control bowel movements. If this works, implantation is the next step.

This therapy is cutting edge because before now, there were no real effective treatments. Treatment included medication, change in diet, as well as fiber intake. The doctor would also surgically repair the sphincter muscle. InterStim Therapy is a minimally invasive surgery that only requires the implantation of the device in the upper buttock. It is very effective because it regulates the signals between the sacr um nerves and the brain. It is the sacral nerves that are triggered to let us know we have to go to the bathroom. When these nerves do not get the memo, we end up losing control of the muscles that control our bowels. InterStim Therapy is typically not used until after other methods have been tried.

Benefits Fecal Incontinence md top10md

There are tremendous benefits to InterStim Therapy. The benefits include a decrease in accidents from bowel movements. This surgery is minimally invasive which means surgery time and recovery time is fairly short. Your quality of life greatly improves. You do not have to miss out on things because you are afraid of having a bowel movement. InterStim Therapy gives you control of your bowels again. There are risks as with any surgery. The risks include infection and bleeding. During the recovery process, you will also experience swelling and bruising. If fecal incontinence becomes worse, you may have to remove the device and try a different method.

Fecal incontinence can ruin your life. But InterStim Therapy is now a cutting-edge treatment that can give you your control back. If you notice symptoms of fecal incontinence, do not be embarrassed to talk with your doctor about it. Your doctor is only here to help. They will probably start off with dietary changes and physical therapy. If those things do not work, then you should ask about InterStim Therapy. You may be one step away from changing your life forever.


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