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Are You Suffering From Neck and Back Pain? Spinal Manipulation maybe?

Spinal ManipulationIf you are suffering from neck and back pain a chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation performed by a skilled chiropractor can help. The main purpose of spinal manipulation is to treat neck pain and back pain. However, it can also provide relief of painful muscles and joint inflammation.

Pain Relief

There are dozens of different types of types of chiropractic adjustments but spinal manipulation is the most common technique performed by chiropractors around the world. Chiropractors use their hands to apply high-velocity low-amplitude thrusts to realign specific joints and manage and relieve pain.

Many people seek therapy, also known as osteopathic manipulation or chiropractic adjustments as an alternative to, or in conjunction with medication and surgery to diagnose and treat injuries and relieve neck and back pain. Adjustments have also been known to help restore movement to restricted muscles or joints.


An experienced Chiropractor knows exactly how to treat any musculoskeletal condition. They can help you restore movement to rigid joints, relieve painful back and neck problems and care for your overall well-being.

There are thousands of Chiropractors to choose from; however, not all doctors are created equal. Advanced chiropractic treatments and techniques take the skill and finesse of an experienced Chiropractor. That’s why we’ve selected your city’s best Chiropractors – to make the decision process easier for you and your family.

For your peace of mind, Top10MD  Chiropractors’ credentials are validated yearly to verify medical licenses have no serious patient care sanctions, current Board Certifications in their given medical specialty, and malpractice insurance. A Top10MD has at least 5+ years experience or has performed 300+ procedures in their specialty and a current Patient Satisfaction Score of 8.5 or higher.

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