Electric Muscle Stimulator

Muscle Therapy With Electric Muscle Stimulator

Electric Muscle StimulatorIn some cases your chiropractor may prescribe you an electric muscle stimulator or EMS device as a form of chiropractic therapy. The electrical pulses simulates the action of your central nervous system causing your muscles to contract. An electric muscle stimulator is manually controlled through a small device and electronic pulses are delivered through electrodes placed close to injured or damaged muscles.

What is an Electric Muscle Stimulator?

The electric stimulation is meant to strengthen and relax muscles and to manage pain. The FDA has approved and regulates the use of it for physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes.

With it, an electrical current passed through your muscle. As with any electronic device the risk of shocks, burns, skin irritation is possible. That is why it is important to as directed by your chiropractor.


An experienced Chiropractor knows exactly how to treat any musculoskeletal condition. They can help you restore movement to rigid joints, relieve painful back and neck problems and care for your overall well-being.

There are thousands of Chiropractors to choose from; however, not all doctors are created equal. Advanced chiropractic treatments and techniques take the skill and finesse of an experienced Chiropractor. That’s why we’ve selected your city’s best Chiropractors – to make the decision process easier for you and your family.

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