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There are services for almost everything including heart valve services. When it comes to health services, you are probably more familiar with pregnancy services. Valve services are very similar. There are teams of people that help you when you are facing valve disease. They offer you the information you need for treatment. They do not only treat the problem, but they also assess the severity of the problem and diagnose issues as well. Valve services do not only incorporate one doctor. It uses a team of people that range from those who do cardiac imaging to the anesthesiologist. Valve services is a great source for all your valve problems.

The heart has four valves total: mitral valve, tricuspid valve, aortic valve, and pulmonary valve. These valves all play a role in blood flow. The mitral valve rests between the left atrium and the left ventricle. The tricuspid valve rests between the right atrium and the right ventricle. The aortic valve acts as the gate between the left ventricle and the aorta. The pulmonary valve is the gate between the pulmonary artery and the right ventricle. Any malfunction in any of these valves leads to issues in blood flow. The valves of the heart are susceptible to two main types of disease. Valves either experience stenosis or lead to regurgitation.

Valvular Diseases

valve services heart disease surgery top10md mdThe source of valvular disease differs. Valvular services are there for adults. Valvular disease can be a result of a congenital disorder. If you are born with a valvular disease, the problem is typically fixed right away. In mild cases, a valvular disease is monitored into adulthood. If the congenital problem worsens, then valve services can be of help. Valvular disease can be a result of infection as well as age. Strep throat can cause valvular inflammation if treatment is not done immediately. When any bacteria reaches the bloodstream, it will travel to the heart. The bacteria can grow on the valve and lead to scarring. Both inflammation and scarring of the heart valve narrow the valves. As you age, calcium deposits on the heart valves. As that calcium builds up, it also limits blood flow. Each valve contains leaflets that open and close. When the leaflets do not close tightly, blood flows backwards. This is not good because the body does not receive the blood it needs. The heart ends up working harder. The persistent overwork of the heart can eventually lead to heart failure.

Valvular services help you understand your valvular disease. They take the time to assess your symptoms and diagnose your specific problem. The good thing about valvular services is that everything is in one place. Valvular services use the best technology to help you get the results you need. Diagnosis is made through the best imaging tools. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, it is up to the doctor to determine the best form of treatment. Many factors determine treatment. These factors include:

After accessing these things, valvular services determine the next step in treatment.

Treatment of Valvular Disease

valve services heart disease surgery top10md mdTreatment for a valvular disease is either medication or surgery. The first type of medication suggested by valve services is beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers. These medications affect the heart rate. They are used to slow the heart rate down and fix abnormal heart beats. Any valvular disease tends to cause the heart to work harder because it has to keep up with the demand for blood. Slowing the heart rate down prevents heart failure. The other type of medication used is to treat high blood pressure. Diuretics are the main form of medication. They increase urine as a way to decrease fluid in the blood vessels. Vasodilators decrease the pressure in the blood vessels. When pressure in the blood vessels gets too high, they will burst. By decreasing blood pressure, you also decrease the risk of bleeding and lower the heart rate.

Surgery is an option for those with severe valve problems. It is also an option for those who are not responding to the medication. Surgery is done to either repair or replace the heart valve. Heart valve repair may involve reshaping the leaflets of the heart valve. When the valve is too wide, rings are placed inside to make it more narrow. Heart valve replacement is typically done through transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). TAVR is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a catheter to replace the old valve either with a mechanical valve or a biological valve made of tissue. Surgery may also be done through other procedures that require a larger incision.

Valve services are a great source for all your valve needs. Valve services not only assess and diagnose valve problems but give you the tools and information you need to treat your valve problems. Valve treatment is determined based on many different factors. If surgery is necessary, you will be taken care of not only by the cardiothoracic surgeon but also the nurses and anesthesiologist. If you have been suffering from valve problems, you should look for valve services. They are found all over the United States. It is through these services that you will be able to get the best help suited specifically for you.


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