You may only be familiar with an E-valve as it relates to cars, but with the latest technology, it is useful in helping heart problems. The use of the E-valve is more often than not used for mitral valve regurgitation. The mitral valve is a vital part of the heart. The mitral valve separates the left atrium from the left ventricle. It opens and closes to keep proper blood flow. Whenever the mitral valve does not operate properly, it leads to health problems.

e valve heart disease surgery md top10mdThe heart has four chambers which are all separated by valves. There are four total valves which all have the same job. As blood flows from one chamber to another, they open to allow blood to flow and close again to prevent blood from flowing backwards. The mitral valve, specifically allows blood to flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle. The left side of the heart carries oxygenated blood that just came from the lungs. The blood from the left side gets sent out to the rest of the body. When the blood returns to the heart, it enters the right side where it immediately gets sent to the lungs where it receives more oxygen. The process then starts over again.

Mitral Valve

The mitral valve is made of flaps called leaflets. The leaflets are like doors that open and close to let blood flow. When the blood fills up the atrium, it sends a signal that lets the mitral valve know it is time to open. Once all the blood leaves, it closes back up. The mitral valve may not open all the way or close all the way. If the mitral valve does not open completely, the body does not get all the blood it needs. Ironically the same thing happens when the mitral valve does not close completely. Some of the blood will flow backwards which too will lower the amount of blood getting transported throughout the body; this is known as mitral valve regurgitation. Mitral valve regurgitation leads to fatigue and causes the heart to work harder. The E-valve is the best form of treatment for this problem.

E- Valve Function

The E-valve is the latest technology in fixing mitral valve problems. Most mitral valve problems are related to a mitral valve regurgitation. The procedure requires a catheter and a tiny clip. The method of surgery is typically minimally invasive. It does not require a heart-lung bypass. During surgery, the heart also beats normally. If the E-valve is a clip and not an actual valve, where does the name come from? Well, the letter E comes from the name of the wave that is measured across the mitral valve. The E wave is the transmittal wave that flows through the mitral valve early. It helps in measuring the diastolic function of the heart. Therefore, the E-valve mitral clip is the name given to the whole procedure. The downside to the procedure is that it does not completely repair the problem. It is a procedure that is primarily used in mild cases. It temporarily fixes the problem by preventing regurgitation. The mitral valve itself is not repaired. If the problem persists, more surgery may be required to replace or repair the mitral valve. In cases where mitral regurgitation is leading to heart failure, an E-valve will not be used.

e valve heart disease surgery md top10mdE-valve surgery may be done through the leg. The catheter goes to the heart by way of the artery in the leg. The catheter carries the clip to the mitral valve. Once the clip is in place, the catheter is removed. Hospital stay is short, and people can go back to normal activity within a few days. Health changes may happen immediately. Now that blood can flow normally; you won’t feel as fatigued as before. You will also be able to breathe normally. The daily activities that used to be taxing on your body will now be easy again. Your body is now getting the necessary amount of blood it requires without the heart working overtime. Your quality of life automatically becomes better. You should instantly have more energy and stamina.  

Evalve MitraClip is a great method of treatment for mitral valve regurgitation. Whenever you are having heart issues, it will affect your whole body. Without proper blood flow, you will feel fatigue and experience shortness of breath. Heart problems must be addressed immediately before it leads to heart failure. Most of the time mitral valve problems can be repaired. In some cases, they must be entirely replaced. The E-valve is a substitute that doesn’t repair or replace the valve but can stop the regurgitation. It is a great method of treatment because recovery time is quick and after surgery you can return to your normal activities. If you are experiencing mitral valve issues, contact your physician and ask them about Evalve MitraClip. It could be the best way to improve your quality of life immediately.


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