How Much Will it Cost?

How Much Will it Cost? md top10md When it comes to bariatric surgery, the first thing you may ask yourself is “How much will it cost?”Gaining weight can be fairly inexpensive, but losing weight may be very expensive. Of all the weight loss options, surgery is the most expensive route to take. There is a charge for everything when it comes to surgery. Each surgery option cost a different amount. It can cost about the same amount of a small car. Sometimes it is a risk worth taking when you are trying to be healthy. Once you understand the cost, the next step is figuring out how to pay for it.

Paying for Weight Loss

Weight loss always cost something. Even if you are not paying for a trainer or a weight loss plan, there is a cost. Sometimes giving up the cheeseburgers and ice cream is costly enough. True weight loss demands sacrifice and self-control. If you eat out a lot, you will notice that you gain weight much easier than if you cook for yourself. It is easier to grab a cheeseburger and fries then make dinner at home. The other problem is that unhealthy fast food is less expensive than healthy options. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen salad and fruit on the dollar menu; only fried and oily food. Even grocery shopping can be hard. Compare the prices at Whole Foods to the prices at Walmart. Although Walmart is not a grocery store, they do have groceries and are sometimes cheaper than most other grocery stores. Whole Foods only sells organic products. Although the products are healthy, they are expensive.

When trying to lose weight through other means, it too cost. Getting a personal trainer can be very expensive. They can charge by the hour, and it can be draining. Weight loss plans are not necessarily cheaper. You end up paying monthly for meal plans along with the meals. Sometimes you pay for the nutritionist or dietician to help you along the way. Either way, there is no cheap or easy way out. Everything cost something, and it is a matter of your budget and what you can afford. When all of these things fail, bariatric surgery is the next option. Surgery only increases the cost, rather than decrease cost.

Bariatric Surgery Options

Once you have tried losing weight on your own, you may try to get assistance. If trainers and meal plans are not working, surgery is typically the next stop. If you are thinking about surgery, it should be because you are at least 100lbs overweight or have a BMI that is dangerously high. If you are slightly overweight, surgery is not necessary. There are several bariatric options. Some of the most popular options are gastric bypass surgery and LapBand surgery. New surgical options are becoming more popular. Some of these new options do not require any incisions at all. One option involves the use of an inflatable balloon. Another method of surgery is adding a pacemaker-like device to the nerve of the stomach. These procedures are minimally invasive and lead to shorter recovery times. Each procedure requires something different. All of the procedures are costly.

Cost of Surgery

No matter what surgery you have, it will cost. There are no free surgeries. When it comes to bariatric surgery, it not only cost money, but it cost time. According to Obesity Coverage, it takes about three years from the time you consider bariatric surgery until the time you have the procedure. Those three years can give you time to save up for the surgery if you desire to do so. Gastric bypass is the most costly of surgeries. The average cost of gastric bypass surgery is $23,000. The lap band procedure and gastric sleeve are cheaper than gastric bypass. They range from $14,500 to about $14,900. These procedures are not as invasive, and the surgery is fairly short.

How To Pay?How Much Will it Cost? md top10md

Most of us do not have $20,000 sitting around for bariatric surgery. If we did, there would probably be more surgeries. If you feel that weight loss surgery is your only option, you do not have to pay with cash, but your insurance could cover it. Before considering surgery, you should first see whether or not your insurance will cover it, and if so, how much will they cover. Some procedures are not covered by insurance at all. Sometimes insurance coverage determines the procedures you will have. It is best to choose a procedure that will not be a strain on your finances.

Bariatric surgery is not cheap. It cost more than any other weight loss program you could do. Sometimes all else fails, and bariatric surgery is the only option you have. If you have to save up for the procedure, you should. The first step is talking with your insurance company about what they cover. Although weight loss is not easy, it is possible.


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