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Migraine Headaches md top10mdMigraine headaches are a complete bummer. The pain of migraine headaches can leave you feeling terrible. The throbbing pain can debilitate you. Some people have to quit their jobs because of migraine headaches. Many things can trigger headaches. There are also warning signs of migraine headaches. The worst part about it is it may last from a few hours to days or weeks. If you are experiencing daily migraines to the point that over-the-counter medication does not work, you should seek medical attention. Understanding the causes and triggers of migraines may help you get ahead of the problem.

Migraines occur in 12% of the population. The pain from migraines may start in only one area of the head and spread to the whole head.  Sometimes you can feel a migraine come come on. It typically does not just hit you out of nowhere. It starts as a dull pain and progresses to a much stronger pain. Migraines do not have a proven source; it seems to be a result of abnormal brain activity. The blood vessels in the brain go through a contraction and constriction phase. This may be the result of the throbbing in the head. Nerve impulses are affected, and those nerves create a painful sensation.


Migraines happen in four stages. Each stage happens in different stages of a migraine. These stages have its set of symptoms that progressively increases. The first stage is the Prodrome stage. This stage starts one or two days before the onset of a full- blown migraine. The symptoms in the Prodrome Stage include hyperactivity, constipation, depression, and irritability. You may have changes like yawning too much or neck pain as well. If you are a woman, you might think it is just premenstrual symptoms.  The next stage is the Aura stage. The aura stage primarily affects the nervous system. It affects all your senses. You will have trouble with your vision, and you may have some motor skill issues. The arms can get a pins and needles sensation. Speech can also become very slurred. These symptoms start mild and become more severe. The symptoms can last up to an hour.

The next stage of migraines is the actual migraine attack. The pain in your head may be on both sides or one side. The pain is usually described as a throbbing or pulsing. You are extremely sensitive to light. Any light or sound sensation will only make things worse. You will feel dizzy, and you might become nauseous and start vomiting. A migraine may last about three days. Just the thought of having that much pain for three days seem unthinkable. It is important to get treatment to cure a migraine so it does not last that long. The final stage is called the postdrome stage. You can sometimes have aura symptoms but most of the time you feel completely drained. You are tired and just feel like you need to rest. Migraines are not life-threatening, but it will decrease your quality of life.

Treatment Migraine Headaches md top10md

Treatment for migraines is primarily medication. NSAIDs like Aspirin and Motrin can sometimes help with milder symptoms. Triptans are another category of medication used for migraines. Triptans constrict blood vessels and block the pain sensations. Anti-nausea medication may also be used in conjunction with these medications to prevent vomiting. Narcotics is also a source of treatment. These medications can also be given through an injection. Injections give quicker relief. The medicine is put into your vein, and you should feel it much faster than a pill form. Other medications like blood pressure drugs, anti-seizure, and antidepressants all work as preventative methods for migraines.


Sometimes the best thing to do for yourself is preventing migraines altogether. Understanding triggers can help you better understand preventative methods. Certain foods can trigger migraines. Spicy foods are just one type. Some people get a migraine from eating too much pork or having MSG in their food. Hormonal changes are another factor. Sometimes the body’s hormones shifts, and if you are a woman, the hormones are always changing. Lack of sleep may also play a role in migraines. Both stress and environmental changes affect migraines. One of the last factors is medication and physical activity. Physical activity is good, but when you over exert yourself, you can give yourself a headache. Sometimes it is a result of a lack of water causing the headache.

Migraines are terrible and debilitating. Sometimes you cannot even work when you have a migraine. People that suffer from migraines typically struggle with them for life. Sometimes these migraines start as a child and progressively worsen as you get older. They may just hit you in young adulthood. There is no clear reason why migraines occur, but when they do, you should seek medical attention for treatment. Get control of your migraines before they control you.  


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