2 years ago

written by Jeffrey Lue, MD

If you’re used to working at a desk all day, you are no stranger to upper back pain. Sometimes you may switch out chairs, even try medicine balls and various trendy seating that promotes a better posture. Even with countless options available to you, it can be tough to kick that burning and aching in your muscles. The two common sources of upper back pain are joint dysfunction or muscular irritation. Back pain causes a lot of discomforts, but don’t give up! There are simple things you can do to relieve the pain.

The back is a unique structure of the body. It consists of many vertebrae and muscles. Lower back pain typically occurs from injury, but upper back pain can happen from just sitting wrong during a long day at your desk. When your back pain is not treated right away, you are at risk of severe back trouble later in life.

Bad Posture

Sitting hunched over a desk all day can cause major problems.

Hold Your Head Up

The way you hold your head can lead to pain. Having your head misaligned with your back may irritate the muscles in the upper back. Do you have the phone tucked between your ear and shoulder? This position alone requires the upper back muscles, and it may put the joints in an unnatural position. Not only will you have upper back pain, but your neck will not be too happy either.

Uncomfortable Chair

This is one of the leading causes of problems for those who have desk jobs. When your seat isn’t giving you great support, you put unnecessary tension on the upper back.

Emotional Well-Being

Are you tense or stressed at work? Take time at least once an hour to stand up and stretch. Relieve your muscles of any tension and relax!

How Can I Prevent Pain?

  • Back pain treatment can be very simple with some slight adjustments. Sitting up straight and not leaning forward during the workday can help relieve your symptoms very quickly.
  • Purchase a chair that supports both your upper and lower back.
  • Sometimes our back muscles are just weak. Various exercises to gain strength in the back will help keep those muscles tight and keep you sitting up properly.
  • Acupuncture or Massages can help provide temporary relief from pain.



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