4 years ago

written by Theresa Garza, DO

It’s tough to stay motivated and on track with weight loss goals. Obstacles and temptation get in the way and sometimes that derails your progress. The good news is there are a wide variety of ways to keep you from giving up! Here are some of our tips to stay at the top of your game!

Track your progress

And I don’t mean with a scale! Take measurements, progress pictures, and pay attention to the way your clothes fit during weight loss. There is a ton of great ways to find out how much your body is changing! Tracking the amount of weight you use, the distance you run and other fit facts about yourself are great non-body-centered ways to stay on track too! Don’t just focus on the short-term, pay attention to your long-term progress as well!

Workout with others

Sometimes having others around with similar goals can be a great way to get that extra boost of motivation! A pal encouraging you to run that last lap, or a trainer pushing their class one more round can be just what you need to stick with it. Plus if you’re planning on playing hooky, the guilt factor might just make you re-think your escape plan!

Share on social media

A great way to stay on track with weight-loss goals is to have somewhere where you can be accountable. Log your healthy meals, your workouts, your progress, and things that motivate you via a fitness Instagram account or in a private fitness Facebook group. Find like-minded pages to follow that uplift and inspire you!

Pick up the weight you’ve lost

Dropped 15lbs? Grab a 15lb dumbbell and carry it around for a minute. Let it sink in, you lost that much weight! It can be a huge motivator to keep pushing forward.


Keep your goals in sight

Have you wanted to fit into that little black dress you bought a few years back? Pull it out and hang it up somewhere where you will see it daily. Want to run a 5K? Make a cool collage of motivating pictures, quotes, and a 5k flier and stick it on your wall! Get creative!

Liven up your workout playlist

Adding upbeat new songs can be extremely motivating. Pandora and other music apps make it easy to simply select your favorite genre or artist and have your favorite tunes stream right into your earbuds! 

If you continue to struggle with losing weight, consider reaching out to a weight loss specialist for more support.

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